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The most overlooked piece of furniture in most people's homes when it comes to cleaning is the bedroom mattress, which is actually strange when you stop to think that the average person spends about 1/3 of their life in bed you would think that your mattress would be the cleanest piece of upholstery in your home.

While most people do vacuum their mattresses regularly and many use mattress pads to help protect their mattresses from some of the household dust, and pollens, these activities are no substitute for a thorough mattresses cleaning two or three times a year.

Your mattresses are subject to the same dust and dirt as the other upholstered furniture in your home as well as the same hair, body and skin lotions and oils. In addition, your mattresses are also subject to perspiration and other bodily fluids, dead skin cells and a number of other unsavory particles you really don't want on your mattress.

All of these particles can not only make your mattress uncomfortable to sleep on, but can also have a negative impact on your health as a dirty mattresses can cause breathing difficulties especially for people with asthma and allergies. A dirty mattress can also lower the air quality of your bedroom

Steam Clean Your Mattresses 2 or 3 Times a Year

Experts recommend that you steam clean your mattresses 2 or 3 times a year in order to keep them clean and help you to get a better night's sleep. Our commercial state of the art steam cleaners are powerful enough to deep clean your mattress and boxes and then draw out most of the moisture resulting in little drying time. As well as removing dirt, stains and odors from your bedroom mattress our steam cleaners also can kill germs and bacteria that may be lurking in your mattress. The result is a cleaner and fresher mattress that is more condusive to a good night's sleep.

Organic Cleaning Products

We User Only Organic Cleaning Products to Remove Stains and Odors From Your Bedroom Mattrresses

Should our steam cleaners need a little extra help to remove stains and odors from your mattresses, we use our powerful organic cleaning products. Our organic cleaners are exceptionally tough on stains and odors, but won't leave behind any dulling chemical residue or leave you breathing in any unpleasant or unhealthy chemical fumes. All you smell is your clean and fresh mattress.

We'll begin your upholstery cleaning by thoroughly vacuuming your furniture with our powerful state of the art vacuum in order to remove all the looser dust and dust inside and out. Then we will pre-treat those stains and odors before cleaning your upholstery. When we finish cleaning your upholstery it will look and smell fresher and cleaner

Both residential and commercial mattress cleaning

We our proud to be able to provide both residential and commercial mattress cleaning. No job is too big or small for us to handle so whether you have a one bedroom apartment, a large family home, own a quaint B&B or own a hotel we can meet your mattresses cleaning needs efficiently and effectively.

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