Area Rug Cleaning

Our Area Rug Cleaning Services

Many of our customers have homes with wood or tile floors and choose to use area rugs to help protect their floors, deaden sound, and provide a bit of cushioning for their feet. In most cases our customers have spent a good deal of time and effort choosing area rugs that enhances their home décor and adds a bit of ambiance to each room in their home. Having spent so much time and care in choosing your area rugs you want to last and stay looking their best as long as possible. Here at Carpet Cleaning Pros we can help you accomplish that goal by doing your area rug cleaning services for you.

We Can Offer Two Convenient Area Rug Cleaning Options

We are proud to be able to offer all of our customers two great area rug cleaning options to make having your area rugs even more convenient than ever before.

Rug Cleaning Option 1

Our first area rug cleaning option is our “In Home” cleaning option. This option works pretty much like our carpet cleaning service. You simply give us a call and arrange a time that is convenient for you to have us come into your home and clean your carpeting right then and there. When choosing this option our extended cleaning option and same day cleaning applies to provide you with the most convenience possible for you lifestyle.

Rug Cleaning Option 2

Our second area rug cleaning option is particularly popular among our customers who often have hectic schedules. If you choose this option you simply give us a call and have us come and pick your area rugs at a time that is convenient for you. We will then pick up your rugs and bring them back to our facility where we clean them and make any minor repairs and then return them to you again at your convenience. Pick up and delivery is free, you only pay for the rug cleaning itself and any small repairs you would like to have done.

Special Care For Antique Rugs

Many of our customers have antique area rugs that have been handed down from one generation to another and need a little TLC to bring them back to their former beauty. We here at Huntington Carpet cleaning have a lot of experience cleaning those expensive antique family area rugs and will be more than happy to clean your antique rugs for you and handle them with the TLC they deserve.

Get a Free Consultation

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